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About Sanctuary

In the west of Belarus, in the basins of the three rivers Neman, Western Berezina and Usa, there is an amazing forest range Nalibokskaya Pushcha. Extensive impassable jungle in the south of the Oshmyany ridge and in the western direction from the Minsk Upland has long been called by local residents by the Nalibokskaya Pushcha from the name of the village of Naliboki, which hid in the heart of the forest deafness.

This is one of the largest in Belarus forest-felling natural complexes with extensive forests, wetlands, reservoirs.

In 2005, the republican landscape reserve "Naliboksky" was established to preserve the unique forest massif and protect the flora and fauna, the only one that directly submits to the Ministry of Forestry.

The area of ​​the reserve is 86.9 hectares. It is located on the territory of Volozhin and Ivy districts of the Minsk region, Ivy and Novogrudok districts of the Grodno region.

The reserve is of great importance for maintaining a normal hydrological regime throughout Central Belarus. Here come the West Berezina, as well as many small rivers, the most famous of which is Isloch. Thanks to the picturesqueness of the beaches, they are very popular among water sports lovers.

The vegetation of Nalibokskaya Pushcha includes 820 species of vascular plants and about 200 species of bryophytes. Nalibokskaya Pushcha is declared the key botanical territory of Europe: today it is one of the botanically unique sites included in the Ecological Network of the continent. There are more than 30 species of rare and endangered plants, 40 species of medicinal and ornamental plants, 23 species of plants listed in the Red Book.

The reserve has the status of a territory important for birds. Here you can find 29 species of birds, which are listed in the Red Book, including important for the whole of Belarus, the kingfisher and small spotted eagle population. Here there is a large population of wood grouse, belonging to the West European subspecies. The hard-to-reach swampy terrain is suitable for nesting a black stork that does not tolerate a person's neighborhood.

Small rivers with sandy beaches and clear water create excellent conditions for the kingfisher, as well as rare fish species: European grayling and stream trout.

The wildlife of the reserve is characterized by a high degree of diversity. There are 5 mammals on the territory of the Pushcha that are listed in the Red Book of Belarus: a badger, a lynx, a bison, a bear and a European mink.

One of the largest bison populations on the territory of Belarus, which currently has about 90 individuals, lives here.

Since 1972, the reindeer has reactivated, which differs from other populations in large sizes and a high level of genetic diversity.

In recent years, a brown bear regularly meets, which is a kind of indicator of the quality of the environment. Currently, 5 brown bear species inhabit the reserve.

Through the territory of Nalibokskaya Pushcha, a multi-kilometer bicycle route is laid, passing along which you can see the most beautiful and interesting places of the reserve. Popularity is also enjoyed by tours that allow to observe the inhabitants of the forest in a natural environment.