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Hunting tours

Nalibokskaya Pushcha is one of the largest and most interesting forest areas, not only in Belarus, but also in all of Europe. Since ancient times, it has attracted people with its pristine beauty, vast expanses and mysterious grandeur. It is a huge sea of ​​forests, marshes and meadows.

Those who have ever visited the Pushcha, talk about her amazing influence on the state of mind. If you walk along ecological paths or just along forest paths (and the reserve is open for visitors, you can safely wander with a backpack), then calmness and spirituality penetrates into the soul, and you return to the city vanity by a completely different person.

On the territory of the reserve live such animals as a bison, a noble deer, European roe deer, elk, bear, wolf, fox, beaver, badger, etc.
BY THE DECISION OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS On February 14, 2012, No. 150 in the reserve has been allocated a territory on which hunting is allowed. The area of ​​the game reserve of the reserve is 27.1 thousand hectares, including:
Forestry - 19,4 thousand hectares; Field - 7.0 thousand hectares; Water-marsh - 0,7 thousand hectares.

The Republican landscape reserve "Naliboksky" conducts hunting tours for a wide variety of hunting - hunting for wetland and wild game, hunting for moose and deer, hunting for the bison of the reserve gene pool. Hunting includes:
- meeting at the border and escort (for foreign citizens);
- granting the right to carry personal weapons (for foreign citizens);
- motor transport services;
- Accommodation;
- Organization of hunting.

To organize a hunting tour, please call +375 1772 61010 or e-mail .